Hack squat pro

Hack squat pro

SKU: PW412


- Sled travels on concave high-density nylon wheels and stainless steel rails (rather than traditional linear bearings and guide rods) for smoother operation.
- Sled travels at a 30-degree angle.
- Adjustable footplate.
- Shoulder pads are strategically angled to alleviate stress on trapezius muscles.
- Adjustable safety catch provides security for users of different heights (or ranges of motion).
- Adjustable backrest pad allows for alternating between a hack squat and a leg press movement.
- Upper and lower band pegs.
- Three positions for the racking mechanism to accommodate users of various heights.
- Mechanism disengages automatically when the user starts the exercise.
- Designed in partnership with Coach Kassem Hanson.
- Load capacity: 32 plates (1440 lb or 653 kg).


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